Design & Installation

From a kitchen backsplash to selecting tile for a whole home; the process begins by consulting with one of our in-house certified/professional interior designers.  

Our Process

Step 1
Your designer will sit down with you and go room by room to select the tile, decorative pieces, and design the layout of the tile.
Step 2
Our designers will cover everything your installer needs to know so their won't be any surprises going forward.
Step 3
If you start the process early enough, there is time to make changes to the design to fit the big picture of your space.
Step 4
Your designer will send off your tile selections to your builder or contractor so they are in the loop as well.
Step 5
They will include all the details needed to complete the job in the sketches and drawings that have been created for the installers.
Step 6
Once your project or space is roughed in, the tile installer will provide us with the tile quantities of which we will calculate an estimate for your approval.
Step 7
Most of our products with take 5 business days to arrive to our warehouse where everything is checked in and marked off your order.
Step 8
When the entire order has arrived, someone will contact you or your builder so it can be picked up.
Step 9
It is our hope that when you leave our showroom that you will not have to answer any other tile questions and if you do, then we are here for the installer or contractor to contact for anything they may need.

Advice from our designers

There are 2 major components that will create an easier and smoother experience for you; countertops/cabinets and Houzz/Pinterest.

There are fewer options for counters (or fewer that you fall in love with) than there is tile. Your counter can set the scene or the color scheme for a room. By all means, there are individuals that have their mind set on a particular tile and will start there but 98% of people will find it easier to start with the counters and cabinets.

Houzz or Pinterest gets your mind set in a direction of a look, color, or feel that you want your space to have. We can then take a quick scroll through your board to get a snapshot into the vision you have for the space. In return, we can then turn around and bring you more precise options to select from.

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